First-time homebuyers, Brad and Rebecca Williams, transformed this dated house in the Hickory Ridge area of Franklin, making the 1,100 sq. ft. house a showcase inside and out.   Most first-time homebuyers would run from this house because it needed that much attention.  Brad and Rebecca thought otherwise and made a strategic purchase with a vision and commitment to bring this old house back to life.

It was a DO IT YOURSELF venture! Brad is a landscaping services professional with Moore and Moore Garden Center in Nashville, a well-established business with a strong customer base. (Check them out on their website That landscaping experience really was an asset for the couple. Rebecca, a kindergarten teacher at Columbia Academy in Spring Hill, had plenty of bright ideas of her own.

Walls were taken out, flooring replaced, kitchen cabinets repainted, walls painted and much more on the inside. On the outside, beautiful new plants, new shutters, and a front door that makes a statement.  In the rear, there’s a huge deck, tables, seats and more. Brad took a lot of old lumber and made items used all over the property. Brad did most of the work himself but was persuasive enough to get his dad in on some of the projects.

The project took a lot of time, sweat, and creativity to transform this property.  Most of all it took a vision and a lot of confidence!

Congratulations to this young couple!